Pitch Perfect suggests excellent use for LED-powered pico projectors: Riff-offs

“The world seems to be moving away from projectors..” Au contraire, according to the movie Pitch Perfect. The flashlight used in the Riff-off as the random song topic selector is  – well, it’s probably fake, but it could be done with a pico projector packaged as a flashlight. Clearly it’s powered by HB LEDs.

UPDATE: Yes, you can play Riff Off yourself at the Riff Off page on this site.

Songs about sex


I for one have a watch on “Riff-off-enabling pico projector” on Amazon.


  1. Brookstone has one, but the Samsung Beam has one on an Android Phone:


  2. Margery Conner says:

    Regi – I checked the product specifications on the Samsung Galaxy Beam: It projects at up to 6 ft (2m) with a screen size of 50 inches. Brightness is 15 lumens. Yes, it looks great for a handheld device.

  3. can someone please tell where that “music wheel” came from? what app?

  4. Camila, check out the music wheel on this page: http://www.designingwithleds.com/riff/