My name is Margery Conner and I’ve covered the world of electronic design for the   Margery Connerpast fifteen years, working at publications like EDN and events like DesignCon. I also started the first event that covered LEDs from the point-of-view of electronics circuit design.

I have a BSEE and worked in engineering as a design engineer and engineering manager for 10 years.

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I like to write about LEDs with an eye towards new applications. Sure, you’ll see here the usual articles about dimming and driving LEDs in replacement lamps, but there are exciting developments now in light sensing, entertainment, health, DIY, how lighting affects the way we interact with our environment – and the list goes on and on.

What do you think are the interesting applications for LED lights and light sensing? Are there other topics you’d like to see covered? Shoot me an email at mconner@designingwithLEDs.com

I hope you enjoy Designing with LEDs.

Margery Conner