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The TCP connect system is white-only and can produce 800 lm.

Smart LED bulbs differ by wireless control and light color

Several new smart bulbs are scheduled to be introduced in June at Light Fair 2104 in Las Vegas. So while we wait, here’s a look at the smart bulb currently available. (See Table 1 below.) I’m defining a smart bulb as any light bulb that can be controlled by your phone, using some form of […]

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Teardown: $2.50 Philips Everyday 8.5W bulb works, looks just fine

The Philips Everyday 8.5W LED bulb sells at Home Depot for 2 for $5 — a great price for a 60W-equivalent LED bulb, especially one from a major manufacturer. Note that this bulb does not dim. It performs well, and claims a minimum CRI of 80. The MK350 spectrometer measured 82 CRI and a spectral […]

Hairpin lens iphone_cropped

Smartphone microscope takes LED teardown photos

I often need to take photos of deconstructed LED, lights, or drivers and look at them at a much smaller than normal scale. For this purpose I bought an eScope a couple of years ago. This was not an ideal instrument: The software is difficult to work with and requires tweaking to work with a […]

Filament LEDs and wire bonds

LED filaments teardown reveals clever packaging

I was inspired by seeing a quick video clip from Micah Scott @scanlime of some LED filaments she had purchased off Alibaba. I found several different ones for sale on eBay and purchased these. The cost, including shipping, was $2.45, so I wasn’t risking much.  And then I pretty much forgot about them because they were […]

Cree, as usual, makes good use of connectors in its lamps, rather than relying on hand-soldering.

The New Cree TW Series LED T8: Review and teardown

The Cree TW series LED T8 replacement lamp is a brand-new light, not to be confused with Cree’s original T8 replacement lamp. That lamp, introduced a year ago, is no longer being sold. Like the original Cree T8, the new T8 TW series is a replacement lamp: You pull out the old fluorescent tube light […]