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The TCP connect system is white-only and can produce 800 lm.

Smart LED bulbs differ by wireless control and light color

Several new smart bulbs are scheduled to be introduced in June at Light Fair 2104 in Las Vegas. So while we wait, here’s a look at the smart bulb currently available. (See Table 1 below.) I’m defining a smart bulb as any light bulb that can be controlled by your phone, using some form of […]

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Cree 5Wcandelabra LED bulb showing internal reflections

Cree LED candelabra bulb sculpts light with internal light guide

Candelabra bulbs are in some of the most lighting-sensitive areas of the house — often in a chandelier-type fixture in the entry or in the dining room — where high-CRI is important. And, since the dinning room is the one room that is most likely to have a triac-dimming switch, candelabra bulbs benefit most from […]

Archipelago 60W-replace big_SPD_CRI

Light spectrum/spectrometer charts and raw data for common lights

Spectrometers have dropped so much in both size and price that now a handheld, <$2,000 instrument can perform many of the functions of a benchtop $25,000+ device. Of course, few people who aren’t lighting designers can justify the purchase price of any type of spectrometer. Yet light spectrum charts are one of the best ways to […]

Intellitube LED T8 tube sross-section

Review: Intellitube LED T8 lamp works with/without ballast

What if you want to use a replacement LED lamp in your existing fluorescent fixture, but you’re concerned about the limited lifetime of the ballast? After all, few fluorescent ballasts can match the lifetime of an LED lamp. If that’s the case, consider the Intellitube lamp from Energy Focus, which can work with either a T8 […]

Cree LED TW T8 spring clip

Cree voluntarily recalls new LED T8s

Recently I saw a plaintive tweet from @SalCan, Director of Product at Ziff Davis, asking “Where can I buy a Cree T8 LED?” Apparently there were none to be had. Strange, I thought — Cree just introduced them, and there initially seemed to be lots in my local Home Depot. Now the reason behind the missing LED […]