T12 fluorescent light replacement for garage: One approach

Now obsolete, these 48-in. T12 fluorescent  tube lights put out about 2300 lm (each) when new.

Inefficient T12 fluorescent lamps, banned last summer, are getting hard to find in store inventories, and will soon be impossible to find. What should the replacement fixtures  be for home use? Last summer I wrote about the July 2014 ban on all T12 fluorescent tubes and on inefficient T8s (those with efficacy of less than […]

Novel LED packaging adds filaments to retro bulbs

Archipelago Lighting LED filament bulbs

I first saw these filament-type LED components in a candelabra-base bulb at the 2011 LightFair, and the company exhibiting it didn’t want me to take a photo of it. This year they were all over LightFair, although I’ve yet to see them for sale at a retail store in the US. (That will change: One lighting vendor […]

3-way LED bulb teardown and why you should consider them

Cree LED 3-way bulb pc boards

When Cree came out with their 3-way bulb a couple of weeks ago, I thought, big deal. They already make a 60W- and a 100W-equivalent LED bulb, so a 3-way just sort of smushes them all into the same bulb. But then I read how Cree said that it was the second most requested LED product, […]

Review: Philips InstantFit T8 LED lamp targets fluorescent ballasts

Spectral power density of Philips T8 14_5W LED lamp

Let’s take peek inside another recently-introduced LED T8 replacement lamp for fluorescent tubes: The Philips InstantFit lamp.  It produces 1500 lm from 14.5W, for an efficacy of 103 LPW. Its CRI is listed as 83, and it comes in a range of color temperatures, from 3000K to 5000K. It’s non-dimming. But that may not be […]

What’s inside the Cree T8 LED fluorescent-replacement lamp

Cree T8 linear LED heat sink and lock annot_400

After evaluating the performance of the new Cree T8 LED fluorescent replacement lamp it was time to take one apart to see how they are designed. A quick recap: The lamp uses 21W to produce 2100 lm of 90CRI light. As you may remember from the article, the lamp’s cross-section is oval rather than round.  Cree gave it rotatable end-cap plugs […]

Review: Hands-on with the Cree linear LED T8 fluorescent-replacement lamp

The Cree LED linear T8 lamp is slightly larger axially than the fluorescent T8 lamps

I recently got my hands on a couple of the new Cree linear LED T8 fluorescent-replacement lights. These lamps go into an existing fluorescent light fixture and run off of the fluorescent ballast. Cree says they are compatible with 90% of the existing fluorescent T8 fixtures, even dimmable ones. Why should we care about fluorescent […]

Cree debuts linear LED T8 fluorescent tube replacement lamp

Cree linear LED T8 fluorescent tube replacement lamp

Cree has introduced a linear LED T8 replacement lamp for fluorescent tubes. The lamp  fits into almost any standard fluorescent tube light fixture, both dimmable and non-dimming, depending on the fixture. The Cree four-foot T8 lamp delivers 2100 lumens of enhanced-spectrum 90 CRI light while consuming 21W for an efficacy of 100 lumens per Watt at […]

Further price drops in store? Slimstyle LED bulb gets Energy Star-certified

Philips SlimStyle LED bulb pc board and heat sink

The Philips 800-lm Slimstyle bulb has earned Energy Star certification, making it eligible for utility rebates in most states. (With the exception of California, where state regulations’ require LED bulbs to have a CRI of at least 90 to be eligible for utility rebates; the Slimstyle has a CRI of 80.) The Slimstyle’s list price […]

Smart LED bulbs differ by wireless control and light color

The TCP connect system is white-only and can produce 800 lm.

Several new smart bulbs are scheduled to be introduced in June at Light Fair 2104 in Las Vegas. So while we wait, here’s a look at the smart bulb currently available. (See Table 1 below.) I’m defining a smart bulb as any light bulb that can be controlled by your phone, using some form of […]

World’s tiniest tear-down: Inside a Cree XB-G LED package

The Cree XB-G phosphor/lens with a tooth pick for scale.

While trying to get inside one of the Cree LED light bulbs, I came to bear quite a bit of pressure on the inner metal column that houses the Cree XB-G LEDs. Apparently the small pry-bar I was using pushed on the LED packages at an angle. (I’m not sure because I only noticed the damage […]